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The most expensive McLaren 675LT Spider by MSO


This might be the most Expensive McLaren 675LT Spider

When you order a McLaren, you get more than just exterior colors and interior trim to choose from. MSO offers an infinite combination of colors and materials to personalize your supercar until your hearts content. These customization options don’t come cheap though. In fact, we might have just found the most expensive McLaren 675LT Spider.

It is one of just 25 Carbon Series McLaren 675LT Spiders built by MSO. Each of these are unique and cost about $375,000 a piece. That’s before you get to the options. This one here is $820,000! That’s like buying two of these rare McLarens.

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So, what makes this particular example $448,000 more expensive than a typical 675LT Spider?

The owner of the most expensive McLaren 675LT Spider has gone with a custom blue carbon fiber exterior with gold accents. The paint itself has a chrome finish with the carbon weave that’s visible underneath. The lightweight wheels are of course finished in gold to match the color scheme. It’s a similar story inside the cabin. For some reason, the seats are quilted. Even the McLaren logo has 1 mm thick slice of silver for heaven’s sake!

Tell us what you think about the spec. Do you think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comments section below.

The most expensive McLaren 675LT Spider:

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