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Mid-engine Honda Integra-Texas Steet Racing


Mid-Engine Honda Integra takes on V8 Muscle Cars on Texas Streets

The street racing scene in Texas never disappoints. This Integra might look like any other Japanese street car. However, it’s anything but normal. This is a mid-engine Honda Integra that can run circles around V8 muscle cars.

You know the owner of this Integra has put in a lot work into it when you look under the hood. The space under the hood is taken up by the cooling systems, while the engine is mounted on a sub-frame behind the seats. The engine sits transversely on top of the rear axle which is said to aid traction. With all the modifications, the owner claims that the turbo V6 engine puts out around 550 hp.

It’s so much fun to watch this car beat supercharged Mustangs and Camaros. It even destroys a 750 hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in a roll race.

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