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Fox Body Mustang splits in half street racing


Ford Mustang Splits in Half While Street Racing

The modern Ford Mustang has a nice reputation when it comes to handling and traction. You will find a new video everyday on Youtube and Instagram of a car losing control badly while doing a launch and hitting a curb or ending up on the side of the road. Older Mustangs weren’t any good either as this video illustrates. The video features an older Fox Body Mustang losing control while street racing.

The video also demonstrates the structural strength of the car as it ends up splitting in half. Somehow the driver managed to survive and escaped with a broken jaw and shoulder, while also losing a few teeth in the process. The car itself ended up in a mess. In pictures you can see that the front clip is nearly perpendicular to the rest of the car.

The section of the road seems to be straight and secluded but the entire stretch of the street is lined with telephone poles. Street racing is both dangerous and stupid and this video is the perfect example of why it is illegal. If the guy had put on a roll cage and wore a helmet, both the car and his jaw would have probably survived. He also wouldn’t have impaled a telephone pole if he had raced at a drag strip bounded by concrete walls.

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