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Mercedes-AMG ONE


German collector takes delivery of Mercedes-AMG ONE after 6 years

Back in 2017, Mercedes-AMG announced the Project One. Now, after a waiting time of six month, the Mercedes-AMG One is finally making its way to owners. One such is the German vlogger GER Collector. He has now released a video about the same.

Delivery process of the Mercedes-AMG One

The German carmaker has planned the delivery of the car at a showroom next to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 race car. Further, at the AMG’s Paddock club, Mercedes has displayed the F1 car as a connection to the One’s racing DNA. Not to mention, the delivery experience is complete with a race video being projected behind the both cars.

One of the key moments include the unique, one-of-a-kind delivery experience of the key presentation. The key to the Mercedes-AMG One is kept floating on a stand beside the car.

The team drove to the delivery point in a BMW X5M with an attached trailer to bring the car home.

More details from the walkaround video

As for the exact delivery process, the GER Collector first takes a proper walkaround video of the Mercedes-AMG One. During this, he points out the similarities with the Formula One racecar technology incorporated in the AMG One.

In terms of specs, the GER Collector’s car features a 17 layer lacquered Petronas star livery. This is the same as Lewis Hamilton’s race winning F1 car.

Powertrain details of the Mercedes-AMG One

The car uses a hybrid system inspired from the Formula One engines. The combined output of the system is 1,049 HP. The car uses a modified Mercedes-Benz PU106B Hybrid engine. This consists of a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engine from the Mercedes-AMG F1 W06 Formula One car. The engine will idle at 1,280 rpm with a redline of 11,000 rpm. Owners will be able to drive only 50,000 km before requiring an engine refurbishment.

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