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McLaren Speedtail-Hyper-GT-BP23


McLaren Speedtail Will Pack More than 987 HP

McLaren is slated to unveil the Speedtail this October and the first details have started to come in. Speaking to Top Gear at a McLaren owners’ event, Mike Flewitt confirmed that the upcoming hypercar will pack “more than 1000 PS”, which translates to at least 987 hp.

Flewitt also revealed that the car uses familiar engine architecture, pointing to the company’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 found in the 720S and the Senna. The unit already produces 825 hp in the Senna GTR. We can expect McLaren to tune the engine to produce close to 850 hp in the Speedtail.

The rest of the power will of course come from electric motors. As reported earlier, McLaren plans to use hybridization differently for the Speedtail compared to how it did with the P1. The electric motors in the P1 were used to compensate for the turbo lag. In the Speedtail however, the electric motors may be tuned to deliver mid to top-end power and pace.

Although, the Speedtail has the stated goal of exceeding 243 mph, McLaren says it wont attempt any top speed records. “The car is more rounded than that, and there’s more to it than just top speed. It’ll be super comfortable, super to drive,” Flewitt said. “It has an amazing top speed, but that’s a result of the engineering that’s gone into the car, not a target of the car.”

Source: Top Gear

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