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McLaren Senna XP Special Edition-8


McLaren Senna XP Special Editions Commissioned by Beverly Hills Dealer

The McLaren Senna XP special editions are based on “Experimental Prototypes” that were used during the development phase.

McLaren Beverly Hills was able to secure three Senna prototypes for its customers. These cars have been prepared for road use and customized by McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

McLaren Senna XP Special Edition-7

The three McLaren Senna XP special editions come with exposed carbon bodywork and unique liveries that mark Ayrton Senna’s famous F1 victories. These include the 1991 Brazilian GP, 1993 European GP held at Donington Park in the UK and Senna’s five consecutive wins at Monaco.

Apart from the liveries, the cars also get etched accelerator pedals, custom embroidery and special plaques. The interior features matching leather and carbon fibre. It took McLaren more than 780 hours to create these special editions.

McLaren Senna XP Special Edition-6

We can see why the Beverly Hills dealer went through the effort to secure these prototypes for sale to customers. The demand for the Senna is huge and McLaren is building just 500 units. We suspect that the dealer had at least three customers with deep pockets, interested in the Senna and was able to persuade McLaren to let go off the prototypes.

The McLaren Senna XP special editions are powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 789 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Given that the Senna costs over $1.4 million, the Senna XP is likely to be more expensive than the regular model.

McLaren is also building a limited number of road legal Senna GTRs. Click here to read more on the Senna LM.

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