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McLaren Senna vs 720S-Nico Rosberg


McLaren Senna goes Head-to-Head with the 720S

F1 world champion and Youtuber Nico Rosberg races the McLaren Senna with the 720S and the results are predictable.

The McLaren Senna costs almost a million dollars more than the 720S. So, you’d expect it to be a lot faster too. Well, it is. In a drag race conducted at the Dubai Autodrome, the Senna hit the quarter mile in 8.55 seconds. The 720S did it in 8.61 seconds. Both cars did a similar speed of around 143 mph.

Rosberg also took both cars out for a hot lap of the circuit. Again, the Senna was the faster of the two. It registered a lap time of 1 min 06.95 seconds, while the 720S clocked 1 min 10.84 seconds.

Even on paper, the Senna is the faster car. However, the one used for the test was on semi-slick tires as opposed to the stock rubber on the 720S. Which kind of explains the 4 second difference in lap times. Having said that, the Senna has better aero and 800 hp from its 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8. On the other hand, the 720S makes do with just 710 hp.

There are rumors suggesting that McLaren might attempt to break the current Nurburgring lap record with the Senna. The supercar was recently spotted at the track, which lead to these speculations.

We all know that the track-derivative of the Senna is the Senna GTR. But, it’s road version is now in the works. It’s called the Senna LM – Click here to read our exclusive story.

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