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McLaren Senna-The Grand Tour


McLaren Senna Breaks Grand Tour Lap Record; Stuns Clarkson

The latest crop of McLaren supercars are fast, there’s no denying that. The 720S has proved time and again that it’s second to none when it comes to straight line performance and the Senna packs equally extreme track performance. It recently demonstrated just that on the Gran Tour.

Jeremy Clarkson got behind the wheel of the Senna and came out bewildered, to say the least. “That’s really alarming… I’m going to be sick.” Clarkson has driven many fast cars in his life but looks like the Senna gave him the most intense dose of performance. As he blasts off, the Senna achieves 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds with the 186 mph mark coming up in just 18 seconds. If the runway was a little longer, the hypercar could have reached 217 mph (350 km/h).

But, that’s just straight line performance, it’s the track where the Senna is most at home. With professional driver Abbie Eaton behind the wheel, the Senna shattered the previous lap record of the Eboladrome, recording a lap time of 1:12.90. For reference, that’s 3 seconds faster than the track only Aston Martin Vulcan and four seconds faster than the once Nurburgring lap record holder Huracan Performante. Sadly, that’s not shown in the short clip uploaded to YouTube.

Any way, it’s not surprising that the Senna is selling for almost 50% premium over its base price just an year after its launch.

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