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EKanoo Racing McLaren 720S Quarter mile Record


EKanoo Racing builds the Fastest McLaren 720S in the World

The McLaren 720S is slowly emerging as the new favorite for tuning enthusiasts from all over the world. Brooks from Dragtimes has already demonstrated how a few mods can make the 720S even quicker. Now, EKanoo Racing has gone a step further and created what is claimed to be the world’s fastest 720S.

EKanoo Racing set a new quarter mile record in a 720S. The car crossed the timing beam in 8.85 seconds at 159 mph. It was able to achieve this thanks to performance downpipes and BMC high-performance air filters. The car was ran on MS109 fuel, which further boosted its performance.

McLaren claims the 720S in stock condition will complete the quarter mile in 10.3 seconds, which isn’t bad. With a just a set of downpipes and an ECU tune, it will do sub-9 second times. Therefore, we think, the EKanoo 720S might have more to offer.

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