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McLaren 720S image leak-2017 Geneva Motor Show


McLaren 720S Image Leaks Ahead of Geneva Debut

Update: McLaren 720S launched at the Geneva Motor Show- Price, Specs, Performance details

The McLaren 720S will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week. But, someone just managed to sneak out an image from the official set before we supposed to see it.

The leaked McLaren 720S image seems to have been shot in a studio and is clearly from a press kit. Apparently, it was Bloomberg who leaked the image. Still, the angle of the shot doesn’t reveal the front end of the 720S nor is the rear end clearly visible.

Design-wise, the 650S replacement has changed dramatically compared to its predecessors. While, the MP4-12C was plain boring, the 650S managed add some drama to it. The new 720S though, looks exciting to say the least.

Moreover, the 2nd-gen Super Series will be much quicker than the 650S too. Power has been bumped from 650 hp to 720 hp, thanks to an engine that displaces 4.0-liters.

Woking has been feeding us with performance stats of the 720S over the past few weeks. As it turns out, it’s much faster than the 650S and it stops on a dime. It even comes with a “folding driver display“.

Source: Bloomberg

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