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McLaren 720S Hot Start Mode-Easter Egg-Loud Exhaust


McLaren 720S Hot Start Mode is an Easter Egg Hiding in Plain Sight

The McLaren 720S hot start mode is one of two ways you can start it. The normal mode is pretty straight forward- left foot on the brake, hit the start button and you’re off.

The 720S hot start mode is a bit more complicated than that, as a McLaren test driver explains in Jalopnik’s video.

  • So, first you turn on the ignition by pressing the start-stop button.
  • Then, press the ‘Active’ button from the drive select panel.
  • Set the powertrain to ‘Track’ mode using the rotary switch.
  • Now, hit the start button again with your left foot planted on the brake.

The 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 should come alive with a pop and a bang from the exhaust indicating a hot start.

The new McLaren 720S comes with an optional sports exhaust which slightly louder than the standard setup. We’re not sure if only those cars fitted with the sports exhaust get the hot start mode, though.

McLaren 720S hot start mode Easter Egg video:

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