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McLaren 720S is faster than a Porsche 918 in a Rolling Race

The McLaren 720S is at it again – this time beating a Porsche 918 Spyder in a roll race. We were eagerly waiting for the comparison of the two cars. It isn’t a drag race as we were anticipating, but will suffice until Dragtimes prepares the two cars for a standing start comparison.

The 720s did not just beat the Porsche, but also absolutely demolished the 675LT and the Ferrari F12 TDF. Later, it did come very close to beating the Chiron, losing by just a few inches. The Chiron did not have a perfect start however. McLaren San Francisco who did the comparison also updated on the comment section of the video that Chiron did walk away from the 720S on the second run, for which they have no video evidence.

While the video doesn’t provide a conclusive argument on comparison between 918 Spyder and the 720S, but it’s wonderful to see how fast McLaren has made its new Super Series car, far eclipsing even the hardcore version of the last generation Super Series.

We are eagerly waiting for Dragtimes to do a proper quarter mile drag race between the 918 and the 720S and will update you as soon as something is up. Until then, watch the McLaren 720S destroy a Tesla Model S P100D in a drag race, something no supercar could do.

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