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McLaren 720S-half mile acceleration run


VIDEO: Mclaren 720S is faster than a Bugatti Veyron over 1/2 mile

The Mclaren 720S isn’t just faster than its supercar rivals like the Lamborghini Huracan or Ferrari 488 GTB, it demolishes them in almost all performance benchmarks. Those who have experienced it claim that it might rival the best of the hypercars. Now, there is evidence for the same with a 720S doing a half mile run in just 15.8 seconds. If you aren’t aware of how fast that is – a Bugatti Veyron clocks 16 sec over the same distance. The Porsche 918 Spyder, which is arguably the fastest of the three hybrid hypercars did it in 15.6 seconds. Now, that puts the 720S just 0.2 sec off of the 918’s pace – the one with battery aided acceleration.



It’s wonderful to see how far cars have come in just a few years. Mclaren has really pushed the boundaries with its new supercar. The fact that this performance is available at just one third the price of what the hypercars cost, makes it even more awe-inspiring.

The 720S owned by Brooks from the popular Dragtimes Youtube channel also managed to achieve a 10.1 second 1/4 mile. Brooks also claims the conditions weren’t particularly great and the car could have gone even faster.

No doubt, the 720S is our favorite supercar of the lot.

McLaren 720S acceleration over 1/2 mile:

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