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McLaren 650S crashed in the UK


McLaren 650S Crashed In the UK

McLaren 650S crashed in the UK

A guy crashed his brand new McLaren 650S just moments after taking delivery. It took just 10 minutes for this noob to crash his $350,000 supercar in to a tree.

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According to The Telegraph, the owner of the McLaren was seen celebrating with a bottle of champagne as his new car was delivered to this house. Unfortunately, all the horsepower proved a bit too much for the driver as he stuffed his new ride while on his very drive.

McLaren 650S crashed in the UK-1

The McLaren 650S is a serious bit of kit. With a 641 hp twin-turbo V8 the car is pretty quick on its feet. The sprint from 0-60 mph takes less than 3 sec. Keeping all the grunt under control needs some skill which the noob driver was clearly lacking.

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