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Mclaren 600LT Reviews track


McLaren 600LT Comes out with Flying Colors in Reviews

When the McLaren 675LT launched in 2015, it was widely acclaimed by the critics. Many even hailing it as one of the best track-focused road car of the past two decades. Now, McLaren has another ‘Longtail’ car in the form of the 600LT. Does it establish the LT as a successful moniker in the same way the GT moniker serves Porsche? Well, the first reviews of the 600LT are out and boy does it come out with flying colors.

While no one anticipated the 600LT to be a disappointing car, going by the reviews, it sure has exceeded our initial expectations. The reviews took place at the Hungaroring GP circuit in Mogyoród, Hungary. Comments ranged from “best road car McLaren has made” and “can’t imagine a GT3RS keeping up with this around a track” to “I’d rather have it than a Senna”. The last remark is especially significant considering the Senna’s level of performance.

The 600LT was launched earlier this year as a track focused alternative to the 570S with increased power, optimized aerodynamics, reduced weight and better driver engagement. It features an upgraded twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 which produces 592 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque which is 30 hp more than the car it is based on. Weight reduction was of course a primary objective and McLaren has been able to reduce the weight of 570S by 100 kg to build the 600LT.

The 600LT is strictly limited with production lasting for 12 months since the start of manufacturing and McLaren says the production run is almost sold out. Meanwhile, McLaren has recently launched a real time configurator for the 600LT which allows owners to configure their cars in 4k detail.

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