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Lotus Evija-Carwow-Mat Watson


Mat Watson takes a closer look at the £2 million Lotus Evija

Last year, Lotus revealed its first ever electric hypercar called the Evija. While production will be limited to just 130 cars, these will be built at Lotus’ new facility in Norfolk. Carwow’s Mat Watson went to checkout the factory and of course, the new Evija.

The Lotus Evija is based on carbon monocoque and weighs just 1680 kg. It is powered by four electric motors that develop 1973 hp and 1254 lb-ft of torque. This makes it the most powerful road car ever made.

The 2000 kW lithium-ion battery is supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering and is mounted behind the seats. It offers a maximum range of 250 miles (WLTP cycle) and can be recharged to 80% of its capacity in just 12 minutes. Recharging the battery to its full capacity takes 18 minutes. 0-62 mph comes up in under 3 seconds and the car will reach a top speed in excess of 200 mph.

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