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Bugatti Centodieci-Manny Khoshbin


Manny Khoshbin reveals why he didn’t buy the Bugatti Centodieci

Manny Khoshbin has millions of dollars worth of supercars in his collection. There are even a few unique hypercars like the Hermes Edition Chiron, Pagani Huayra and McLaren Speedtail. But, when Bugatti introduced the ultra-rare Centodieci, Manny decided to give it a pass.

In a recent video, Manny has revealed why he did not order a Centodieci, and you would be surprised to know that it was mostly due to its price tag. With an asking price of $9 million, the Centodieci isn’t cheap. However, one would think that nothing is expensive for Manny. Well, he certainly knows how to invest wisely, though.

Bugatti only built ten examples of the Centodieci. So prices may rise in the future. Perhaps Manny thinks otherwise. Unfortunately, he doesn’t elaborate much in the video. So, we might never know.

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