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Bugatti Veyron-Manny Khoshbin


Manny Khoshbin just bought yet another Bugatti Veyron

Manny Khoshbin has three highly customized Bugattis in his garage. Now, make that four.

Just like every other car guy, it seem like Manny too browses the internet for good deals on cars during quarantine. The only difference is that while you and I are getting excited about that slightly dented Subaru, Manny is signing the paperwork for a Bugatti Veyron.

His latest acquisition is a 2006 Veyron finished in a dual tone of white and blue. The interior is trimmed in a similar colour combination and looks rather sweet. Also, this is Manny’s only non-customized Bugatti.

As you know, he also owns a Mansory Linea Vincero – a carbon bodied Veyron with gold highlights and a custom exhaust. Another interesting Veyron in his collection is the brown Rembrandt Bugatti, which is based on the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

More recently, he took delivery of the Chiron Hermes Edition – a highly custom Chiron that was designed and trimmed by Hermes.

So, now you know why Manny Khoshbin owns so many Bugattis.

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