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McLaren F1 successor rendering by Autocar-1


Manny Khoshbin is Getting a McLaren Hyper GT

Manny Khoshbin recently took delivery of his one-off Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition. Today, he confirmed that he might get yet another bespoke supercar to add to his collection.

Manny posted on facebook confirming that he had received a letter from the CEO of McLaren Automotive which stated that he had been chosen to be one of the 106 owners of the upcoming McLaren Hyper GT.

The McLaren Hyper GT is touted to be the successor to the legendary McLaren F1. Like the F1, the Hyper GT will have the driver’s seat in the center of the cockpit. It will be built by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and each of them will be unique. Little is known about the technical bits of the car at this point in time, however we do know that the Hyper GT will be more of a highway cruiser than a race car.

First McLaren Hyper GTs are expected to be delivered to customers by 2019. Manny will surely be posting updates about his upcoming supercar on social media. We will be keeping tabs on that.

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