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Jewel encrusted Lamborghini badge-Bobby White


Lamborghini Urus gets custom $40,000 jewel-encrusted badge

How do you make your Lamborghini even more special? Well, by giving it a custom jewel-encrusted badge, of course.

When London-based jewellery designer Bobby White was approached by an Italian customer, to create a custom badge for his Lambo, he quickly accepted the challenge. With just 72 hours in hand, time was of the essence.

Bobby came up with a design based on the Italian tricolore. The badge itself was made from 18 carats of yellow and white gold. The precious metals were then machined to perfection before painstakingly installing $40,000 worth of diamonds, rubies and emeralds to create the colours of the Italian flag. The iconic Lamborghini bull was machined out of white gold, creating a three-dimensional figure, that was polished to a mirror finish.

This one-off jewel crusted badge now adorns a black Lamborghini Urus. So, the next time you spot an Urus on the streets, don’t forget to check the badge.

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