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Tesla Model X Raven vs Lamborghini Urus-drag race


Tesla Model X Raven takes on a tuned Lamborghini Urus

The last time a Tesla Model X went up against three of the most powerful SUVs, it destroyed them.

Dragtimes have posted a video of a Model X Raven taking on a tuned Lamborghini Urus on a prepped drag strip. On paper, the Urus has the advantage and despite the weight loss regime, the difference in performance between the two SUVs becomes pretty evident out on the track.

The tuned Urus beats the Model X consistently in all the three races. Both cars doe mid to low 11 second runs over the quarter mile, but the Urus just has the slight edge over the electric SUV.

Now, we don’t have details on the battery levels or the tires used on the Tesla. All we know is that the owner had stripped the car down to save weight. The 100 lbs weight saving was intended to make up for the lack of performance. However, it appears that this Model X would need more than just weight savings to beat this tuned Urus.

Carwow had done a similar drag race featuring a Model X, stock Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes-AMG G63 and a Range Rover Sport SVR. Click here to watch that video.

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