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Lamborghini Aventador successor test mule-1


Lamborghini Aventador successor test mule spotted again

The Lamborghini Aventador successor has been spotted testing once again. Now, the test car featured in this video may look like an Aventador, but it’s actually an early prototype of its replacement.

Prototypes of the Aventador successor with close-to-production bodywork have been spotted earlier. But, this one here appears to be a powertrain testing mule. The quad exhausts positioned between the tail lamps are a clear indication that this isn’t your regular Aventador. Moreover, this is probably the same test car that was trying to evade Varryx’s prying eyes last month.

The Aventador successor is expected to be based on an all-new platform. Reports suggest that the car will use a completely new V12 engine. The naturally aspirated motor will be paired with a hybrid system. We can expect an overall output of over 1000 hp.

Based on the prototypes, @huydrawingcars has created some fantastic renderings of the Aventador replacement. These give a good idea of the overall design of the upcoming supercar.

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