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A LaFerrari Replacement is At Least 10 Years Away

Ferrari has ruled out a LaFerrari replacement for now. According to a source close to Autocar, a replacement supercar would take at least 10 years considering the pace of advancement in technologies.

The Ferrari LaFerrari was launched in 2013. It replaced the Ferrari Enzo with a next-generation hybrid hypercar that incorporated technologies developed in Formula 1. Ferrari believes the next level of technological advancement would take at least a decade which defers the launch of a LaFerrari replacement until 2026.

That said, rivals like McLaren and Aston Martin are coming up with their versions of the next-gen hypercars soon. The Mclaren Hyper-GT has already been announced and is under development. So is the AM-RB001 by Aston Martin and Redbull. These hypercars are expected to be on roads by the end of this decade.

While the rivals rule the roost in Ferrari’s absence, Maranello would be focusing on incorporating the advance hybrid tech from the LaFerrari into other mainstream models.

Source: Autocar

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