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Pagani Utopia

Aston Martin

Kris Singh to commission Pagani Utopia with Moondust paint

Six years ago, Indian-American businessman Kris Singh announced an interesting project with Aston Martin. He planned to get his Valkyrie hypercar custom painted with actual Moon dust-infused color. Sadly, that’s not going to happen.

While Kris has cancelled his Aston Martin Valkyrie order, he is still persistent with his Moondust paint job plan. The special paint will now feature on his upcoming Pagani Utopia. He recently announced that Pagani would be the first automotive brand to use actual moon rock in its paint. The new color will be developed by Karosserie using finely ground Moon rock. We still don’t know the exact shade of color, but it’s going to be epic for sure. 

Coming back to the Valkyrie, Kris had initially planned to spec it in Karosserie Lunar Red, which would’ve included a special shade of red infused with actual Moon dust. Getting such a highly customized paint would certainly be an expensive affair, and for some reason, Aston Martin wasn’t too keen on taking the risk. 

Either way, the world will soon get to see a truly unique Pagani hypercar that celebrates one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

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