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Koenigsegg Regera Malin-Green Carbon


Koenigsegg Regera Malin is the Star of the 2018 Ghost Squadron Event

The Regera Malin is the second hybrid Koenigsegg to be delivered to its owner.

The Koenigsegg Regera made its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. A production of 80 cars was planned and the car was soon sold out. However, customers have only recently started to receive their cars. Dan, a US-based collector took delivery of the very first Regera earlier this year and now the second production car is finally out for delivery.

The second production Regera is finished in British Racing Green Carbon and has a classic brown leather interior. It made an appearance at the Ghost Squadron event in Germany where other Koenigsegg supercars were also present. It belongs to Faisal Bin Laden who has named his new ride ‘Malin’ after Swedish actress Malin Åkerman. The Sheikh also owns a Jaguar XJ220 finished in the same color, paid $18.6 million to acquire a McLaren F1, which was once owned by Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame.

It isn’t the Regera Malin’s first public appearance though. The car was showcased at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show alongside Dan’s cherry red Regera.

The Ghost Squadron Event held this year in Germany is Koenigsegg’s annual customer event. The drive started in Baden-Baden and ended at Koenigseggwald, which is the ancestral land of the Koenigsegg clan. A total of 18 Koenigseggs attended the event including the recently delivered Agera FE Thor and Vader, Agera Naraya, Agera RSN, Agera ML, three Agera Rs, CCX, CCXR Edition, CC8S and CCR.

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