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Lamborghini Urus ST-X test mule-prototype-1


Is this the Road Version of the Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept?

What we have here is a Lamborghini Urus test mule. But, could this be the super-Urus based off the Urus ST-X Concept?

Earlier this year, Lamborghini’s head of R&D had indicated that a high-performance version of the Urus was a possibility. While the standard Urus is no slouch, the new model could lighter and might feature an active aero system. It is unlikely to get the full FIA-spec safety gear from the Urus ST-X, but it might get a few chassis upgrades and revised styling.

Lamborghini Urus ST-X test mule-prototype-2

The test mule you see here, looks like a regular Urus. Just by looking at these images, it’s difficult to know whether it’s sporting new upgrades underneath the skin.

As you might recall, the Urus ST-X Concept was the brainchild of the Lamborghini Motorsport division, Squadra Corse. It was essentially an Urus race car, complete with a full roll cage, lowered suspension as well as racing wheels and tires. The SUV also had a sporty front end with a unique bonnet and bumper.

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