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Bugatti EB110 Tribute-Pebble Beach-teaser


Is this the Bugatti EB110 Tribute Car?

We have been told that Bugatti won’t be releasing any teasers of the upcoming EB110 Tribute car ahead of its Pebble Beach reveal. However, we think, we might have just got a glimpse of the car in a recent video.

Earlier today, Davide Cironi released a video featuring Bugatti test driver Loris Bicocchi and the only two racing EB110s every built. At the 11 second mark, you can see Davide walking into a room, where Loris appears to be staring at a car that’s under wraps. There are a couple of sketches in the background.

Could this be the Bugatti EB110 Tribute car?

If it is, then this qualifies as the first teaser of the new Bugatti hypercar.

We have also uncovered some details about the car’s weight and its engine. Click here to read more about it.

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