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Is Salomondrin Selling his Supercars After the McLaren Senna Fire Incident?


Salmondrin’s latest video confirms that he is selling all of his sports car.

January 10, 2019

Recently, there’s a lot going on with the famed supercar vlogger Salomondrin. Just last week his newly delivered McLaren Senna burned to the ground. Now, looks like the man is suing McLaren for the loss. He is reportedly getting rid of his other supercars including the Carrera GT, 720S and the AMG GT R. The information comes from other Youtuber Life of Palos. Apparently, Salomondrin himself had hinted in an Intagram post that he would be selling his supercars.

According to Palos, he saw all the three cars listed with Evan Paul Motorcars, a performance car dealership based out of Costa Mesa, California. To validate that the cars belonged to Salomondrin, Palos even called the dealership.

Now, anyone would get a distaste for a manufacturer if their week old $1 million hypercar burns up and that could be the reason why the man has decided to sell his other McLaren, the 720S. But, what’s not clear is the reason why he is letting go of the Carrera GT and AMG GT R. Emotional distress? We don’t know, but we’ll have to see how this story unfolds.

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