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Bugatti La Voiture Noire


Is Bugatti all set to reveal the finished La Voiture Noire?

Earlier in the day, Bugatti released a short video on Instagram titled ‘Black Novel’. The amazing La Voiture Noire seems to be the main protagonist of this story. It says,

“Hey, it’s me.

I’m sorry I haven’t called. I haven’t found it yet.

But, I’m close. I’m so close. I’m going to find it.

I’m leaving today. I’ll keep you posted.”

We’ve been scratching our heads trying to decipher the meaning behind these posts.

Could this be a build-up to the reveal of the finished La Voiture Noire or has Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic finally been found?

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but if it’s the latter, it will be the biggest news of the year!

4 hours later, Bugatti posted this image of the La Voiture Noire at the Bordeaux train station, with a caption that reads,

“Day 374. Past? Future? It does not matter what year this is anymore. Have you ever wanted to find something so badly that you could do nothing but go and chase after it?”

In the second post, you can see a black Type 57 SC Atlantic in the car’s mirror. The caption reads,

“Looking back, I often had the feeling that I got so close. Sometimes it was just some kind of shadow, or a reflection to follow. But no matter what, giving up is not an option anymore.”

This is the legendary car that was lost to time. It was owned by none other than Jean Bugatti.

Here’s the third post.

“It was a long way to Bordeaux, so close to the Atlantic Ocean. The lost Type 57 SC Atlantic should have arrived here in 1940, rather than disappearing. I can feel its overbearing power all over the city and its eternal vestiges.”

Chapter 2:

“Day 453. There were hints all over the city. The squares, the gardens, the streets. There were thousands of them. But how could one find the right place in all this endlessness?”

Here’s the next post.

“How does one recognize a sign? Mostly, when you feel it, it means that you finally got to it. So it’s time to follow the footprints of destiny, again and again.”

“I cross over this strip of flowing water that reminds me of a steel slate tonight, trespassing without interruptions into the sky. Its waters are alive, rippled, throbbing. So is this search, like life: never the same, never dull, always unpredictable.”

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