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Yellow Ferrari SF90 Stradale-Crash-Brazil


How not to offload a brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale

We often see videos of delivery drivers messing up. Here is yet another example of how not to offload a brand new supercar.

Imagine you’ve ordered a Ferrari SF90 Stradale over a year ago, and finally, it’s about to be delivered. The flat-bed arrives at your house, and you rush out to see your car for the first time. But, as the car is being offloaded… disaster! You hear a loud crunch as the car crashes to the ground.

That’s exactly what the owner of this SF90 must have gone through. This incident took place in Brazil and was recorded by @sandecarlosoliveira on TikTok.

All of us make mistakes, but at times a small error can cause a lot of trouble. Do you think this guy may have lost his job for damaging a Ferrari?

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