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Here’s the FIRST Toyota GR Supra to do 9-SECOND Quarter-Mile!

A modified example of the 2020 Toyota GR Supra became the first of its kind to do a quarter-mile in 9 seconds.

A tuned 2020 Toyota GR Supra from Speedy Mufflers & Performance has gone ahead to clinch the first 9-second quarter-mile time. While keyboard warriors were busy with blaming Toyota for using a BMW B58 engine in the new-gen model of the iconic Japanese sports car, the Puerto Rican tuner proved them all wrong with a souped-up Mk5 Supra.

The record was made on 17th October on the Jomo Rental Event at Salinas Speedway in Puerto Rico. Covering the distance in 9.9244 seconds at 133.4507 mph, the modified Supra did have some extra gear to help it post the incredible time.

Hoosier drag radial tires, a nitrous system, Sunoco 100 Octane Fuel, full exhaust system with downpipes, cutout charge pipe and intake are part of the list of upgrades. Plus, specialists worked their tuning magic on both the fuel injection and nitrous oxide systems. The passenger seat was removed to shave off some weight so that the Supra gets all the help it needs.

This news is definitely going to prompt critics to gradually soften their current harsh approach to the 2020 Supra. And with the B58 making it clear that in the right hands it can become a worthy successor to the legendary twin-turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline-6 engine from the Mk4 era, we are sure that more fascinating figures are coming this way.

Source: Speedy Mufflers & Performance

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