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Bugatti EB110 Tribute-Pebble Beach-teaser-2


Here’s Bugatti’s EB110 Tribute Car under covers

Here’s another unofficial teaser of Bugatti’s upcoming EB110 tribute car. Sadly, the car is under wraps and therefore, it will be difficult to comment on what it might look like.

For starters, the car appears to have a large rear spoiler. But, besides that, you can’t see much. However, look closely, and you might spot a few hints in this picture.

There are quite a few design sketches in the background. Yes, the camera is out of focus, but you will see some notable design elements from the original EB110, including the five round vents.

We played around with the contrast and exposure of the image and voila! You can clearly see the iconic vents placed just behind the side window.

Bugatti EB110 Tribute-Pebble Beach-teaser-21

The EB110 Tribute car might also get slatted front bumper with the Bugatti horseshoe grille placed lower down. We can also expect the car to have fairly flat front end similar that of the original EB110.

The image you see here is from Davide Cironi’s video featuring Bugatti test driver Loris Bicocchi. Scroll down to watch the full video.

Earlier this week we had reported about the new car’s weight and engine performance. Click here to read more about that.

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