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LaFerrari FXX-K EVO-driving on the streets-1


Have you ever seen a LaFerrari FXX-K EVO on the streets?

Earlier, Porsche Warrington had organized a car meet and the star of the event was a non-Porsche supercar. A silver Ferrari FXX-K EVO was invited to the event and the owner – CF Charities Supercar Show, drove it straight from his garage to the event location.

As you know, the Ferrari FXX-K EVO is a track car based on the LaFerrari. It’s illegal to drive it on public roads. So, the chances of spotting one at a narrow intersection are pretty slim. The owner was granted special permission to drive it to the event venue. However, the car was accompanied by a police escort.

Here is a rare footage of the FXX-K tearing through the countryside.

The FXX-K EVO is the upgraded version of the FXX-K. It is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine and hybrid system that delivers a peak output of 1036 hp. Only 40 track versions were built and out of these a handful were converted to EVO spec.

How would you react if you saw an FXX-K EVO on the street?

Source: Rosso Automobili

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