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McLaren 600LT Flood Damage-Charlestown


Guy Regrets testing out the Wading Depth of his McLaren 600LT

The McLaren 600LT is built for the racetrack and might not work optimally on a flooded city street. The owner of one such 600LT overestimated the wading depth of his supercar and got stuck.

Last week, the city of Charlestown was hit by two severe storms, which left most of downtown flooded. As expected, traffic was affected as streets turned into rivers momentarily. In the queue of cars was a black McLaren 600LT. Oblivious of the danger ahead, the driver follows a pickup truck and drives into deeper water. The car instantly hydroplanes and gets stuck on an embankment.

It didn’t take long for the floodwater to gush into the engine bay of the 600LT. The 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 must’ve cut off within seconds. So, if there’s anyone looking for a slightly flood damaged McLaren 600LT, you know where to find it.

Source: WCBD News 2

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