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Gordon Murray teases the T.33 Supercar ahead of Jan 27 reveal

Gordon Murray Automotive has released a teaser video of their upcoming T.33 supercar. The official unveiling has been scheduled for January 27, 2022.

The T.33 will be the second model from the UK-based company. It has been announced even as the production of their first hypercar, the T.50, is yet to commence.

While the T.50 is a hardcore performance car, the T.33 has been dubbed as the “ultimate super GT”. Based on a carbon fibre monocoque, the T.33 is expected to cost around £1 million. Production could be limited to just 100 units.

The GMA T.33 is expected to be powered by a toned-down version of the T.50’s naturally aspirated V12 engine. This motor puts out 654 hp @ 11,500 rpm and 344 lb-ft @ 9,000 rpm. The engine could be paired with a manual transmission.

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