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6 Dodge Challenger Hellcats stolen


Gone in 60 Seconds : 6 Dodge Challenger Hellcats stolen

On the last day of February 2023, thieves broke into the Don Franklin Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Somerset, Kentucky and fled away with six Dodge Challenger Hellcats. A new video released reveals how they managed to get away with six performance cars in under a minute.

How the theft occurred

The dealership personnel has placed four Hellcats inside the showroom while they parked the remaining two on the lot outside. The footage from one of the cameras managed to capture the three vehicles being stolen. The thieves drove away the cars as the keys already in the ignition. Further, they also managed to source the keys to the outside cars.

The robbers also took time to place temporary plates on the cars to give it some legitimacy.

High-speed chase post robbery

After about an hour, a Kentucky State Police trooper saw four Hellcats speeding away. They were reportedly going north of 180 mph. The trooper informed cops from another country who managed to deploy spike strips and disable one of the cars. Cops apprehended the 19-year old driver who tried to flee on foot.

As of now, the cops have recovered five out of the six cars. Thieves abandoned one of the cars after it ran out of fuel. Meanwhile, authorities found two others in Kentucky. Cops found the fourth car in Tennessee along with the fifth in Alabama. The last missing vehicle could also be in Alabama according to the cops.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat : Details

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat line-up consists of a couple of models. Amongst these, the most tamest one puts out 717 HP. This is further pushed to 797 HP in the Redeye model while the Widebody Jailbreak Edition pushes 807 HP. A 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine generates all this power. Customers can choose from a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox which drives the rear wheels.

Source – WTVQ

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