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Dodge Challenger Hellcat XR-Autobahn-Top-Speed


888 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat XR Autobahn Top Speed Run

How fast can you drive an 888 hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat XR on a public highway?

This week, AutoTopNL have shared a video of a top speed run in a modified Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The car was taken out to stretch its legs on the Germany Autobahn.

But, this is no ordinary Challenger Hellcat. The car has been modified by AEC, so that the engine now makes 888 hp! The 2.4-litre supercharger spins faster thanks to a performance pulley. The car also gets a reprogrammed ECU. As a result, the 6.4-litre HEMI V8 churns out 161 hp more than the stock engine. Peak torque has also gone up to 737 lb-ft.

The top speed of the Challenger Hellcat XR is limited to 199 mph. But, due to traffic, AutoTopNL could only manage 183 mph.

Project Cerberus is a modified Hellcat built by Geiger Cars. Click here to read more about this 890 hp monster.

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