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GMC Coupe: Artist Render of Camaro-based Sports Car looks Bizarre

The GMC Coupe render made by designer Aksyonov Nikita draws from the signature GMC design elements and we hope it doesn’t get made in this form.

Yes, the render above comes from a digital artist and it has drawn inspiration from the obvious design elements of the trucks and SUVs bearing the GMC logo. Uploaded to Aksyonov Nikita’s Behance gallery, the GMC Coupe render is based on the Chevrolet Camaro. Not bad as a base car choice, since the Camaro had a sister car under the GM umbrella in the past – the Pontiac Firebird.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the quality of Aksyonov Nikita’s work. The detailing is exceptional and for a moment it looks like the real deal. You may also like to check out the rest of the imaginative concepts in the artist’s gallery.

Having said that, we doubt how many will dig the truck-like, imposing front fascia of this GMC Coupe render. The artist may have dropped a subtle message in the image by choosing to opt for the usual design approach taken by GMC. The manufacturer picks up a truck or SUV from the sister brands, change the front fascia and rear end, slap on the GMC badges gives a luxury overhaul inside and that’s about it.

Camaro-GMC Coupe-rendering-2

Though we didn’t have the taste to appreciate the front fascia, we actually found the rear to be striking. It has got a modern Volvo-ish look which works well in its favor. Truck/SUV taillight similarities aside, we like the way the rear section of this render looks.

GMC may never make and market a coupe in the near future. So this render could be our best option to see how that would have ended up if it was based on the Chevrolet Camaro.

Source: Aksyonov Nikita (Behance)

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