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Nissan GT-R Alpha G by AMS Performance-TX2K17-Quarter mile World Record


Gidi’s Nissan GT-R Alpha G Sets Quarter Mile World Record at TX2K17

Some of the world’s fastest Nissan GT-Rs are battling it out for ultimate glory at TX2K17. Along came Gidi in his Nissan GT-R Alpha G and set a new quarter mile world record. Now, the rest are playing catch up.

On the very first day of TX2K17 held in Houston, Texas, Gidi took his 2000+ hp Nissan GT-R over the line in 6.937 sec setting a new world record for all-wheel drive GT-Rs. He clocked 196 mph at the line which means the car has a lot more potential.

Nissan GT-R Alpha G by AMS Performance-TX2K17-6 Sec GTR

Thus, Gidi became the first person in history to break into the sixes in a GT-R. Built by AMS Performance, the Alpha G is named after its owner. It made its debut at last year’s event where it did a 7.771 sec pass at 185 mph. A year’s worth of tweaking, tuning and a whole lot of sweat have put them in the top spot.

History has shown us that it doesn’t take long for records to tumble. Hopefully, we will see ETS or T1 Race Development fight back with another 6 sec pass at TX2K17. Meanwhile across the pond, Ekanoo Racing will be hard at work preparing their machine for a record pass. Either way, things are only going to get more exciting.

Nissan GT-R Alpha G Quarter Mile World Record at TX2K17:

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