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Get This! Porsche 935 Build Slot Comes Up for Sale

Porsche surprised a number of fans at last year’s Rennsport Reunion by taking the wraps off a modern iteration of the 70’s 935 Le Mans race car. Unlike the 935 racer, also famously dubbed “Moby Dick” (after the white whale from Herman Melville’s 1851 Novel), its modern iteration isn’t designed to compete in any particular racing series nor is it road-legal.

But, we doubt that it would have prevented hundreds of Porscheists from putting in their names for an allocation. So, no, you cannot go to a Porsche dealership and walk out with a new 935. Your only hope is flippers and apparently, they have already started taking action.

porsche 935 clubsport racer 05

A build slot has been put up for sale through Classic Motor Cars, one of the 77 cars Porsche will build. Price and other information concerning the allocation haven’t been provided. But, we know that the launch price of the 935 was €701,948 ($816,840), with Porsche planning to begin production in June this year. Definitely expect to pay some premium if you intend to make the 935 your own.

If you are worried about the authenticity of the allocation, you need not. The dealer is ready to verify the documents with a lawyer. All you need to do is act quick since it’s a modern 935 we are talking about.

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