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Ford GT Production run to be Extended by 350 Units

When Ford first opened applications for the GT in 2016, over 6500 people applied. With production being limited to just 1000 cars, there were a lot of unhappy customers. However, in a new announcement Ford has decided to extend the GT production by 350 units.

“The response to our Ford GT has been unprecedented, with initial demand outstripping supply by more than six-to-one,” said Hermann Salenbauch, Ford Performance director. “By extending the Ford GT production run for a limited period, we’re able to maintain the exclusivity of the ultra-desirable supercar while offering the ownership experience to a greater number of customers.”

The applications for the GT will re-open in select markets for one month, starting from November 8. Those interested can apply at this website. Applicants who are approved will hear back from Ford in the first quarter of 2019 and their build slots will be secured for 2020 to 2022 calendar years. The invited customers will get to work with a special concierge service for a “personalized purchase experience.”

Ford has said that previous applicants who didn’t get approved will get one last chance to get their hands on the GT. 690 customers will get the approval in the latest application phase. Ford had invited 500 applicants to the GT program in the original application process, which later increased to 750. 90 of those applicants were dropped from the program due to a number of technical reason.

The GT production was originally designed to end in 2020 with production limited to 250 cars per year. The new announcement adds two years to the production schedule. Ford is currently behind schedule since it has only managed to produce 138 cars in the first year of production. Also, Ford recently recalled almost all of the GTs produced till date over a potential hydraulic leak that could lead to a fire.

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