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Ford GT Gets Recalled For Potential Fire Risk

Ford has issued a recall for 194 units of the GT delivered to customers in North America. The recall concerns cars which were assembled between December 20, 2016, and July 31, 2018 and are at a risk of fire due to a potential hydraulic fluid leak coming in contact with the hot exhaust system.

“In affected vehicles, hydraulic fluid may leak from valves located underneath the rear wing block onto the exhaust and may cause a fire”, the company said in the official release.

Thankfully, the fix is easy and would require an update to the vehicle controller software which would eliminate the possibility of excessive pressure in the aforementioned valve block assembly. Ford has also said that some cars will require a check valve for the rear wing’s hydraulic system, along with new o-rings and a filter.

While 194 might not sound like a big number, it’s easily more than 50% of the GT’s production to date. Ford was planning to build 250 cars each year for four years, but only built 138 in 2017. Out of the total recalled cars 176 reside in the US and the rest are in Canada.

A Ford GT caught fire in Germany last year but the automaker says it was not due to the fluid leak.

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