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Ferrari F40 Monte Carlo-Fire-Restoration-1


Fire damaged Ferrari F40 from Monaco is being restored

Remember that Ferrari F40 that burnt to the ground in Monaco back in February? Well, rumors suggest that the million dollar classic is now being restored.

Images of the charred F40 have been shared on Ferrari Owners Club NL Facebook page. The car is sitting in a service bay at Ferrari Monte Carlo, where it is believed to undergo a complete restoration.

As you can see in these images, the front end of the F40 is intact. But, the same can’t be said about its rear. Beyond the A-pillars, the car is completely charred. The engine bay is a total mess and all the carbon fiber body panels will need to replaced.

Ferrari F40 Monte Carlo-Fire-Restoration-2

Looking at the extent of the damage, it could be months before we see this car back on the streets of the principality.

Source: Ferrari Owners Club NL

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