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Ferrari 812 Competizione A-PowerslideLover-Cavalcade


Ferrari owners with skills drift million dollar supercars in public

The Ferrari Cavalcade is an event held exclusively for the brand’s top clientele. This year, owners came down to Italy in their newest machines, including 812 Competiziones and Apertas as well as million-dollar Ferrari Monzas. 

While it’s mostly a private gathering, some owners didn’t shy from putting on a show for bystanders. A video posted on Instagram shows @mariansufliarsky and @powerslidelover drifting their 812 Competiziones on public roads. 

As you can see, both drivers have exceptional car control. In fact, PowerslideLover’s Instagram is full of videos of him drifting expensive supercars on some of the most unforgiving roads. 

Here’s another video of PowerslideLover having fun in his Ferrari 812 Competizione A:

Source: @danvil197

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