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Ferrari Monza SP2 is the Latest Addition to the Azzurro Dino Garage

If you follow unique car collections on Instagram and aren’t familiar with Azzurro Dino, then you should definitely go and click that follow button right away. The car collector based out of Dubai owns hyper exclusive cars ranging from the Zonda Cinque, Ferrari 599 XX, LaFerrari, Spyker C8 all finished in well… Azzurro or light blue for those still unacquainted with Italian supercar colors.

Azzurro Dino is adding another jewel to his expansive garage: a Monza SP2. The latest addition was announced with a dramatic short clip of the car running around the Fiorano race track. While the car looks absolutely bonkers, it’s the wail of the naturally aspirated V12 we can’t stop listening to.

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Thank you @bastiroesner ????

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The man was initially split between buying either the single seater SP1 or the SP2 with two seats but ultimately decided to go with the Biposto. The decision is understandable. While both the cars are devoid of any windshields, we would very much love seeing a person other than ourselves being hit by the high speed winds with the skin on their faces waving like a fabric.

Check out his Monza SP2 in action. It’s worth watching just for the sound alone.

Image credit: Luca Lazzini Design

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