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Ferrari J50


One-of-Ten Ferrari J50 with 0 Miles is now for Sale

Only ten were made and one of those Ferrari J50 bespoke cars was never driven by its owner. And it is now listed on James Edition with a “Price on Request” note.

One of the ten Ferrari J50 supercars ever made has turned up on James Edition. The details are scarce. But the major highlight is that this particular example of the exotic supercar based on Ferrari 488 Spider has not been driven at all by the current owner.

This Ferrari J50 is located in Japan, which is perfect (for now) since the car was designed and built to celebrate Ferrari’s 50 years of operations in the Land of the Rising Sun. All ten units were reserved exclusively for the Japanese market and it would be interesting to see where it is headed to.

Ferrari J50-488 Spider based 50th Anniversary model for Japan-1

With nothing but delivery miles on its odo, this J50 will end up raking in a massive premium over the “secret” price at which it was purchased from the Italian carmaker in the first place. Ferrari kept the price tag hidden from the world and none of the owners came forward to divulge the number. But rumors have always suggested at the J50 costing anything between $2.29 and $3.39 million with each car receiving plenty of personalization.

Ferrari J50-488 Spider based 50th Anniversary model for Japan-5

Though the interior stayed true to the donor car, the exterior was extensively revamped to turn it into one of the finest looking modern-day Ferraris. The narrow headlights, mesh grille and the new hood with double air intakes set the Ferrari J50 apart from the 488 Spider at the front. At the back, a new engine cover and deck lid team up with four taillights to differentiate the J50 from the straight-off-the-rack 488. From the sides, there are those gorgeous bespoke wheels, with the rear ones receiving 690 hp of power from the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8. A neat 20 hp hike compared to the donor car.

We’ll keep an eye on this car, though the seller has listed it with a “Price on Request” note. Because we really would like to know how much money its new owner will shell out to grab the keys of this J50.

Source: James Edition

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