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Ferrari F8 Tributo-drag-strip-wheelie


Ferrari F8 Tributo pops a wheelie chasing a sub-10 second quarter mile

The Ferrari F8 Tributo might be the base variant of Ferrari’s mid-engine range, but it still is a 720 hp supercar.

Brooks took his stock F8 Tributo to the drag strip with the aim to achieve a sub-10 second quarter mile. This time out, he also tried the various driving modes to get the best possible launch.

Brooks also discovered a secret burnout mode that the F8 has. Apparently, instead of engaging launch control, you just have to hold the brake and press the throttle while in ESC off mode. The car automatically engages a gear and lets the rear wheels spin.

The burnout mode definitely looked dramatic. In fact, the car launches quite aggressively, even popping a wheelie in the process. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be the fastest way to launch the F8. The bumpy road setting on the steering does the trick, possibly aiding traction.

The F8 Tributo did not get into the 9s this time around, but Brooks believes the car could potentially do a 9.8 second quarter mile.

In case you’re interested, here’s how the F8 Tributo compares with the McLaren 720S on paper.

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