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Ferrari driver fined for driving in an Italian Piazza

There is nothing like driving a red Ferrari in an old picturesque Italian landscape. A dream for many automotive enthusiasts, but it might work out costlier due to the restricted access areas. Recently an American tourist was fined for driving a Ferrari in the Piazza della Signoria, one of the historic plazas in Florence. However, the plaza is strictly pedestrian only as the driver later realized. The 43-year old driver was fined Euro 470 (US$ 506).

Fines for driving inside Piazzas

The authorities fined the Ferrari driver for multiple offenses. These include parking in a pedestrian area, driving against direction and having a non-compliant foreign license. The Ferrari 488 came with Swiss registration.

According to a report, the Ferrari driver first drove along the Via dei Gondi street. The offending Ferrari 488 was then parked by the driver near the Uffizi Gallery before being fined by the cops. Further, Municipal Authorities noted that the driver had an American driving license which was not compliant with international conventions. He further didn’t have any International Driving Permit or an official translation as well.

Tourists must respect local laws

This is not the first time that tourists have found themselves in a pickle. Earlier this year, authorities also fined a California-based tourist US$540 for driving a rental Fiat Panda on the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Florence. Like the Piazza della Signora, the Ponte Vecchio bridge is a pedestrianized area.

Hence, it is very clear that while tourists are welcome to visit, one must always be aware of local customs and traditions apart from the rules of the land. If it is unclear, it is very easy to seek help from the local cops, tourism officials or locals to have an incident free vacation.

Source – CNN, image source

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