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Ferrari 488 Pista does donuts on New York streets

A new video of a matte black Ferrari 488 Pista doing donuts has surfaced online. Now, unlike other instances, this time, the car was seen right in the middle of the New York City roads burning rubber.

The Ferrari 488 Pista was first spotted roaming around with another car – a red Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. After a while though, the driver decided to let loose and have some fun in the middle of the street.

The driver then proceeded to take the 488 in the middle and did a couple of donuts. As the can spun around, the driver just missed one of the curbs. After that, the car did a burnout and finally went off on the wrong side of Fifth Avenue.

This move was completely reckless as there were many pedestrians and other road users. Any mishap could lead to serious injuries as well as damage to property.

We can also see a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder along with a BMW M3 in the last part of the video. This could mean that the Pista was part of a convoy of supercars out on a drive. Such behaviour is only exaggerated when there is a group ride. This is not the first time when we have seen someone going nuts in the middle of the road with their supercar.

Source : Luxury Cars

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