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Ferrari Daytona SP3-1


Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a $3.9 Million Supercar already!

It’s always fascinating to see how the values of Ferrari supercars rise with time. Maranello’s top tier models are some of the most sought after cars, whether it’s an F40 from the 1980s or even the brand-new Daytona SP3. 

In 2021, Ferrari released the LaFerrari-based Daytona SP3 – the third model of the Icona Series. At the time, the base price for one of these exclusive models was $2.2 million. Today, just 4-months later, prices have hit the $3.9 million mark! Now, that’s appreciation and then some!

Ferrari Daytona SP3-3

TPE Japan is the luxury car dealer that has listed a Daytona SP3 build slot for sale, with delivery slated for 2023. Do note the advertised price tag does not include the 4% commission, amounting to approximately $1.6 million.

Ferrari has capped the production to 599 units, which may seem like a large number, but preference is being given to Monza SP1/SP2 owners. The limited production, along with the insane demand, has led prices to skyrocket. 

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